Taking the secret out of Fatherhood

The “(Not So) Secret Dad’s Business” Podcast

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We tackle the topics dad’s are struggling with

Most dads aren’t talking to each about their lives as dads, like it’s some kind of secret..

We’re opening up about the topics Men want to talk about, but don’t know if anyone will listen.
Each week we bring on new guests who are fighting the battle as a Dad, where they share their stories
of winning and losing, and open up about all aspects of being a Dad, mental health, providing, protecting,
and all of the other struggles we as Men have.


I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT seeing dad’s win the dad game

Hi, I’m Nate Newman, and this is my podcast out of Western Sydney, Australia. I’m your host into a world by Dad’s, for Dad’s, covering all aspects of Fatherhood and Manhood: from child rearing and providing to men’s mental health.

I’m a Husband and Father of the most amazing young man. I’m a welder by trade and a Dad Advocate by heart.

Thoughtful and relatable content
A great forum for parents. The hosts are engaging and provide thought-provoking material. A valuable podcast for caregivers.
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